Silver Oak believes that every business is unique, with its own distinct challenges and issues, and that each investment opportunity requires a flexible partner with real-world experience. The Silver Oak team has a proven track record of repeatedly helping service businesses expand organically, drive operational improvements and successfully grow through acquisition. Our goal is to identify great businesses and partner with management to help them maximize the company’s potential and meet their goals, not just our own.

Silver Oak offers the following advantages to owners and management:

Industry Expertise

Rather than being a generalist investor, Silver Oak focuses on a few defined segments of the services industry, including business services, healthcare services and consumer services. As a focused investor, we are able to leverage a deep understanding of the unique competitive, business and financial issues facing service companies and provide valuable assistance to our management partners.

Management Team Focus

Silver Oak believes that in order to build industry leading companies, management teams and investors must actively work together to drive value creation. We welcome significant equity participation by our management partners and always offer management an opportunity to earn additional equity upside. As a partner to management, Silver Oak is able to take a long-term view of our businesses, which helps management make necessary investments in personnel, growth initiatives, operational improvements and acquisitions. While we are active as Board members and assist with strategic decisions, our management partners control the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies.

Timeliness of Execution

Silver Oak’s deep services industry expertise allows us to quickly evaluate potential investment opportunities. Our team works together closely throughout the investment evaluation process. This allows Silver Oak to make important decisions quickly, while bypassing the bureaucratic approval processes that can prohibit a deal from occurring.


Silver Oak’s team has been involved in excess of one hundred services platform and follow-on investments. This experience allows us to be creative in how each deal is uniquely structured and allows us to solve our management partners’ needs while serving our mutual goal of building industry leading service businesses.

Services Executives Partners

Silver Oak offers its portfolio companies the opportunity to work with our Services Executive Partners (“SEPs”). The SEPs are highly successful current and former executives of Services businesses and have long-standing relationships with our team. The SEPs are important resources for our management teams and often support our portfolio companies as board members, interim managers and outside advisors.